Born 1991

“I am primarily a sculptor and usually work spatially. My whole body is present when I’m working on my sculptures. That means that the physical material is always in a relationship with my body and what it is capable of in terms of muscle memory, lifting power, strength and so forth.

But drawing is a more cerebral process for me – the creative process is slower and guided by my subconscious. I draw autonomously and allow the image to flow on from the events that occur at the earliest stage of the drawing.

For me, drawing is a refuge when my body is tired and out of balance. I let my pencil draw a few lines and that’s how it continues.”

Jesper is studying the Five-Year Fine Arts Programme at the Royal Institute of Art (Kungliga Konsthögskolan) in Stockholm and will graduate in 2020. He was also an exchange student at the Glasgow School of Art and the Academy of Arts & Design at Tsinghua University in Beijing and has studied at Dômen Art School (Dômen konstskola) and Valand Academy (Akademin Valand), both in Gothenburg.

Photo portrait: Jesper O.T. Andersson

Esbjörn Grip Den Tänkande Handen teckning utställning

Jesper O.T. Andersson

Jesper O.T. Andersson participates in the scholarship competition and exhibition with seven drawings created 2014–2019.

1. 'Many', graphite on paper
2. 'Plateaus', graphite on paper
3. 'Therof', graphite on paper
4. 'Such as', graphite on paper
5. 'Mycelium', graphite on paper
6. 'On', graphite on paper
7. 'Collery', graphite on paper
8. 'Tactile Memories From Ancient Days', graphite, see the artwork in the video clip, original size 40x400 cm

Click on the artworks in the slideshow to see full images, or scroll down. It can take a little while for the images to upload. You can enlarge the drawings by choosing zoom or full page via the tool box by each image.

Jesper O.T. Andersson uses autonomous drawing as a mentalretreat. The hand moves freely with the pencil allowing organic surfaces emerge, viewed closely from above; close-ups of vegetation that extends far beyond the surface of the paper. In the myriad of little stones, each one equal, one can perceive an imprint in the soft grayscale, like a sign or message from the subconscious.

Graphite on paper, 2019. Original size 30x42 cm.
Graphite on paper, 2018. Original size 42x30 cm.
Graphite on paper, 2018. Original size 42x30 cm.
Graphite on paper, 2018. Original size 59x84 cm.
Graphite on paper, 2014. Original size 42x60 cm.
6. ON
Graphite on paper, 2014. Original size 42x60 cm.
Graphite on paper, 2014. Original size 30x42 cm.