Seraphim Toll

The royal burial church at Riddarholmen also houses the Coats of arms of deceased Seraphim Knights. The deceased Knight is honoured with a Seraphim toll the same day as the funeral service takes place.

About the Order of the Seraphim

Since 1748, the coats of arms of Seraphim Knights have hung on the walls of the church. When a Knight of the Seraphim dies, the date of death is added to the coat of arms before being taken to the Riddarholm Church.

The bells of Riddarholmen Church are also rung on the day when a Seraphim Knight is buried. This is known as a Seraphim Toll.

The Order of the Seraphim is a royal Swedish order, and is Sweden's highest award.

Since the church has not been a parish church for more than 200 years, these tolls are one of the few occasions when the church bells ring.

The ceremony

The Seraphim Toll takes usually place at 12:00 and 13:00 at the Riddarholmen Church, on the same day that the funeral service is held for Seraphim Knight.

The Seraphim arms of the deceased will be taken by military escort from the West Gate of the Royal Palace to the Riddarholmen Church, where they will be hung in the chancel during the toll. Musicians from the Armed Forces Music Corps will take part in the ceremony.

During the ceremony, the Deputy Clerk to the Office will officially announce the death of the Knight of the Seraphim.

The church will be open to the public during the ceremony, and will open usually at 12:00.

The Coat of arm of the Seraphim Knight is taken by military escort from the Royal Palace to the Riddarholmen Church.

Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg ws honoured with a Seraphim Toll at the Riddarholmen Church on 4 may 2019.

The church is open to the public during the ceremony. Photo:

The Riddarholmen Church is a royal burial church, and is also where the Seraphim arms of deceased Knights of the Order of the Seraphim are hung. Photo: Dick Norberg/

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